Thursday, March 25, 2010


The next day MamaD and her friend from high school took Danielle and me on a carride around the central part of Trinidad's island. We drove by lots of houses, and communities, and even more dried up fields of some dying agriculture and factories.

We stopped at the Temple on the Sea. Essentially, an Indian immigrant built the Hindu temple on the sea a while ago by himself. It was then demolished, and reconstructed by a group of people years later.
It was for Shiva. It had funeral pyre areas lining the beach.
It was a beautiful little temple. I walked in to pray to Ganesha and Shiva for a moment, before admiring the flags and thanking the volunteer who was cleaning the temple.

We then drove to the San Fernando Hill.
According to history, the Natives originally there thought of the hill (or was it a quarry?) to have magical healing powers. Then someone blasted half of the top of the hill and created it into a picnic area.
Looking off of the beacon, I could see the firing pillars of smoke from the oil refinery at the bottom of the hill.
We picnicked there for hours, before returning back north.

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