Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last Day & Reflections of T&T

My last full day in T&T started with me sleeping in, practicing yoga while alone in the house, and reading.
I ate homemade bake and fish, which was really amazing. The bake (aka bread that doesn't rise that much) had coconut in it, which as we all know is one of my favorite things.
I also tasted the drink mauby. It was good, and reminded me of licorice.

Danille and I went to a Jazz Festival at University of West Indies (UWI) that evening. It was pleasant music. We heard a stellar violinist who fiddled some jazz pieces. There was a chocolatey male voice who scatted some tunes, but he could have probably worked better on wowwing the crowd. There was a lady who was a cross between Jill Scott and Aretha Franklin, and she was fun to watch. And some other cool bands.
Danielle and I got our chairs accidentally in ant hills, and for hours were attacked by angry ants.

The next day I went back my merry, super relaxed and revived way to the states.

A reflection I have to make about my vacation in Trinidad & Tobago is this: going to developing countries DOES NOT mean going back to nature. Often it means more industrialization. Some people feel like developing countries automatically implies they're back in nature, in direct touch with "The Source". That thatch roofs and oxen as vehicles are the norm. Not so. Developing country usually indicates the economic status of the country, not the rest of the components of what makes a society. Factories exist more often in the developing world (it's cheaper). And people live on top of each other in urban areas, for convenience. This is a really important thing to make sure people don't misunderstand when they think about the differences of countries.

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