Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mall Runs and Boat Rides

Danielle and I were going to Tobago, and we needed to kill time before the boatride at 5pm from POS.
So she took me to another mall, this time west of POS (the first mall was east). The Falls. And I felt like I had truly landed back into the states. She began telling me that this area of the island is where a lot of the tourists and ex-pats live. So you had a lot of American products and white folks over there. I could see that. The shops were clean and ritzy. The mall itself was open and pretty, like a city mall. Not so many booties around, either.
We grabbed some groceries to cheapen our stay in Tobgao, but I was devastated to find no channa punch in the store. I would be going without my beloved punch for a few more days.

We got on the boat to go to Tobago, and there were children everywhere in the boat. School children in groups, all screaming and loudly excited about their travels. On the way back from Tobago, we were again surrounded by schools of little kids. We concluded that we were being followed and hunted down by children.
It was a 2.5 hour boatride. And it was rocky. Danielle and I tried to pass the time and avoid sea-sickness.
But it seemed that no one else really thought about it. The kids all got sick and took turned vomiting in the bathroom.

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