Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Griping About Paris Before Gushing...

The boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now.  We celebrated by going to Paris for a week-long vacation.

Paris, to me, is an old friend.  I got there and welled up with tears, feeling my love for the area well up inside of me and spill over all around me.  I was so, so happy to be back in a city that I love equally to NYC.

Now, if only it hadn't been so cold and rainy the entire time.

And if only the French transportation unions hadn't striked the day before we left, so that it was chaotic while trying to get our luggage off of a conveyor belt.

And if only there wasn't a terrorist threat in Paris the day we left, making our plane the go-to for many foreign travelers.

And if only a handful of bitchy older Frenchies didn't try to rip us off or insult us while we were there.

And if only I didn't get very, very sick for the better half of the trip.

.....Other than that, the trip was pretty good.  But I have to release that all before I get into the details of our trip.  And I have to wait to get the details we typed up from the boyfriend...

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