Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Push Towards Pleasant

Haters gonna hate.

I got an interesting piece of anonymous hate mail yesterday about my blog. Apparently my admitted whining and moaning about certain things with which I don't get on very well bothered someone immensely, so much in fact that they feared to identify themselves.

Normally, I would defend or apologize...but this is my blog, and I don't have to apologize. This is my space where I can complain and have my opinion, fully acknowledging that it is all exactly that - my opinion. If you don't agree with me, or you can't stand my passing (oftentimes inconsequential) thoughts, then why are you reading the blog, still? If you don't enjoy my stories and sarcasm, I encourage you to stop reading the blog, for both your and my own sakes.

Honestly, I think that some people are masochists. They will continue to do something that they don't enjoy, or will gnash their teeth about, because it's there. Man, this sandwich is gag-inducing...om nom nom nom...The Man often tells me that if I'm not enjoying something, it's not worth it. I agree with you, Man.

However, I do see this little unpleasant message as an invitation to be more positive again in my thoughts. Well, I can do that.

On Sunday Denise and I went to a restaurant called Heaven to watch the Earth Day video, One Day on Earth. You always know, as a woman, when you're about to have your menses. For me, I know because I get grumpier and grumpier, and more and more emotional. Well, I have to say, the movie was very, very well done. They really hit on nicely a lot of diverse aspects of the world. Both beautiful and stake images and videos from across the world were sewn together into a vibrant fabric. And I was on the verge of tears the entire film.

I also went to a film on Saturday, the Princess and the Frog. I also really enjoyed that one.

I've been reading a lot of books lately about this area of the world. All nonfiction. I'm always fascinated by the complicated webs that are found throughout the developing world, and the authors I've been reading lately have helped me see just how deeply embedded poverty can be. Currently, the book is Tim Butcher's Blood River. He shines a light on the issues that not only come from the imperial era, but also the current problems found from within. This books is specifically about the DRC. Really, really well done. And it's amazing to read this book and see some of the subtle issues he mentions come up in Rwanda, too.

It's funny how my teachers from times past had specific personalities, and how some of their quirks and slogans have impressed me. It's also funny to see how my teaching has impressed my students, as well. I hear my students making my funny sounds and humming my little ditties before entering the exams. Something I share with them is my love for juice, and they always say, "Teacher! Juice!" Maybe my teaching will help them grow and develop even more than I think...! That would be splendid...but I will not know until a few years from now, and if they keep in touch with me.

My GRE class is a bunch of great professionals, and I think they are people I can stay connected with in the future. They really have helped me understand the wide spectrum of education and human capacity in general. My students in the evening, compared to my students in the morning, are on a totally different level, and it's wonderful to know that they are going to be able to make great waves in the future, in their own ways. Especially a guy named Joris - he is a huge star, I am sure of it.

What else...Well, I am really looking forward to going home and enjoying gluten free food, fresh air, and my loved ones.

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