Thursday, February 12, 2015

Koalas? Koalas!

I think I might be completely finished with my life goals. Because I got to hold a koala.

It was a brief - ah, too brief! - hold. Little CuhnCuhn, with his little woolly body, was ripped away from my body too quickly, and I immediately felt the emptiness in my hands once he was gone. But the small time we shared with each other, was magical. Sure, he might have looked dazed and confused while he was being plunked into my arms, and sure, he might have looked equally confused when he was being pulled off me....but I think he knew that there was a real connection between us.

Malaysian Denise and I went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in the rain today. It's a nice little zoo-like place, where they've taken hurt and suffering animals and keep them for a while. Denise and I  bought annual passes because, well, we love animals, and the annual pass is equal to about two Also, I'm expecting to hang out there more often with visitors.

The animal sanctuary is in an intimate location and pretty cozy - it's not a zoo where it takes hours to scale. That said, it has a great diversity in animals, and is pretty engaging! They had kookaburras, platypus, dingoes, Tasmanian devils, wombats, wallabies, kangaroos....and, of course, KOALAS. As well as others. We cooed and squealed over the adorableness surrounding us for a while.

Like the platypus! They're so small and spry!

And the wombats are little sad bulldogs with more fur!

And how sweet are those sleepy koalas?! HOW SWEET!



So of course I shelled out the money to hold a koala while I was there. As you already know. Afterwards a wombat and I gazed into each other's eyes for a full five minutes.

The annual pass gives us a deep discount on kangaroo food, as well. Which means we were able to go into the kangaroo area and hang out with the little ones for a while. The kangaroos just kind of waited for the food to be brought to them (rather spoiled, I say), and we happily obliged their regal lounging and hurried over to them with our food bags. I landed two kangaroos fighting for the nibbly bits of food in my hand, as exchange for permission to pet them. They fought with each other in front of me, which made me blush and exclaim, "Boys! I'm flattered really! But there's plenty for both. Don't fight over little old me!" (My humility is worthy of international recognition.) One of their responses was to put its head fully into my paper bag with food, clutching onto my arm so I couldn't get him out for a while.

So, for the rest of my quiet day, I have returned to my childhood. I'm perhaps 4 years old and ogling puppy pictures online..

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